SBI is a firm comprised of former sales and marketing leaders who spend every minute of every day thinking about one thing: Making Your Number. We staff our projects with senior-level executives and former heads of sales and marketing with real-world experience, who use our Revenue Growth Methodology to create tailored, practical solutions that make sense for your company.


Start getting to know our team here and, if you’d like to discuss how we can help your company, we hope you’ll contact us.


Business Function

Alexis (Gompf) Neal
Engagement Manager
Driving Revenue Growth Through Customer Experience.

Doug Bartels
Chief Financial Officer
Securing the business to scale and grow in the most effective manner

Aaron Bartels
Managing Director and Co-founder
Helps clients solve the most difficult challenges standing in the way of making their number.

Hunter Benson
Leverages data analytics to drive insights and refine go-to-market strategy

Gregg Blatt
Managing Director
Gregg’s role at SBI is to leverage his experience to drive growth for clients by solving the revenue and market growth challenge.

Kyle Bushey
Executive Consultant
Helping clients understand customer trends and insights that maximize revenue growth.

Kate Casey
Marketing Coordinator
Executes SBI’s marketing tactics out of the Dallas Executive Briefing Center, The Studio.

Mike Drapeau
Makes data and analysis come alive so clients can understand the “what” and “why” and design solutions that fit the environment.

Ben Durst
Senior Consultant
Working with clients to drive sustainable change in their organization and make their number.

Tracy Edwards
Chief Product Officer
Building a tech-enabled platform that supports various modalities of revenue growth advisory services.

Tony Erickson
Managing Director
Helps clients outpace the competition.

Eric Estrella
Helps clients grow by creating innovative go-to-market strategies.

Jim Ettamarna
Managing Director
Helps client reach their full potential by solving tough problems, leading change management, and building critical capabilities.

Malorie Feidner
Senior Consultant
Facilitates revenue growth by asking the right questions and applying advanced analytical techniques

John Fomook
Executive Consultant
Bringing business strategy to life through the 4P’s – people, programs, process, and performance.

Melissa Freitag
Director of Recruiting
Sources top executives for SBI and our clients.

Michael Garcia
Business Intelligence and Operations Architect
Leverages analytics to accelerate revenue growth.

Eduardo Gomez
Engagement Manager
Drives teams to “Act Like the Owner”

Evan Graff
Director of Operations
Leads key strategic initiatives designed to enhance operational efficiency and position SBI for rapid growth.

Preston Gray
Helping clients understand their data through strategic insight they can leverage and optimize to advance their revenue-growth potential.

Scott Gruher
Senior Partner
Orchestrates and designs the perfect project strategy, one engagement at a time, to ensure that every SBI client makes their number.

Scott Hackett
Senior Consultant
Combines data-driven analysis with creative solutions ensuring clients make their number.

Andy Hastings
Leverages expertise in operations, sales and marketing to implement new strategies that help clients make their number

Mike Hoffman
Managing Director – Private Equity
Helps clients find and drive the handful of things that really matter in creating equity value

Josh Horstmann
Brings a deep level of experience and insight in helping organizations develop and execute their corporate, sales and marketing strategies.

Vivian Hou
Leverages advanced analytics to provide data driven insights.

Patrick Hulse
Leverages clients’ data to drive actionable insights and help the executive team make their number.

Mark Huson
Managing Director
Helping Technology companies accelerate growth

Gbenga Ige
Executive Consultant
Passionate about solving client problems to drive enterprise-wide alignment and accelerate revenue growth

Robin Jones
Executive Recruiter
Sources top executives for SBI and our clients.

Alex Kirkpatrick
Senior Consultant
Leverages expertise in analytics, technology, and operations to help clients make their number.

Austin Kline
Senior Consultant
Provides sales and marketing leaders with the insights they need to make their number.

Daniel Korten
Director – Europe
Helps companies make their number and grow revenue by using a data-driven approach to solving problems.

John Lineberger
Executive Consultant
Leveraging data to uncover new growth opportunities that help Sales and Marketing leaders make the number.

John Marcsisin
Executive Consultant
Enables sales and marketing leaders to make the number through rigorous data driven analysis and implementation of emerging best practices.

Evan Morgan
Executive Consultant
Accelerating the rate of revenue growth by seamlessly blending strategy and execution.

Yasmin Morrison
VP of Marketing
Brings together marketing and sales teams to achieve growth goals

Marc Mosca
Executive Consultant
Helps clients transform business models to turn uncertainty into opportunity

Tim Nolte
Executive Recruiter
Identifies top talent at all levels in order to build high-performing organizations.

Marc Odenweller
Managing Director
Winning by staying ahead in an ever-changing customer and competitive landscape

Fred Penteado
Executive Consultant
Guides private equity portfolio companies in a variety of industries on how to make their number.

Barb Powers
Engagement Manager
Help clients leverage CX leading practices to drive revenue growth.

Ben Redfield
Senior Consultant
Helping marketing leaders to accelerate revenue growth.

Erik Rexo
Executive Consultant
Helping clients develop and execute marketing strategies that grow revenue, improve market share, and create market disruption.

Garrett Ryan
Engagement Manager
Combines data-driven analysis with creative solutions ensuring clients make their number.

Justin Saunders
Executive Consultant
Helps clients identify and understand opportunities, then deliver tactical and impactful solutions to drive top-line revenue growth.

Geoff Schuler
Engagement Manager
Blends the classical approach to strategy with cutting edge data analytics to help clients make their number.

Chethan Sharma
Senior Managing Director and Pricing Practice Leader

Matt Sharrers
Leads the firm’s focus on the CEO’s role in accelerating revenue growth by embracing emerging best practices to grow revenue faster than the industry and competitors. 

Adam Sheehan
Engagement Manager
Blends his background in consulting and sales to deliver a detailed analytical solution for his clients to help them make their number.

Gregory Solomon
Chief Delivery Officer
Helping clients accelerate revenue growth via data analysis, insight development, go-to-market strategy, and execution planning and support.

John Staples
Leads teams of highly qualified experts, all relentless in their pursuit of helping you make your number.

Jenny Sung
Helping marketing and sales leaders accelerate top and bottom-line growth by delivering data-driven insights.

Ryan Tognazzini
Managing Director
Helping Private Equity clients take a measured approach to difficult strategic challenges.

Jack Trump
Drives operational excellence through world-class delivery and execution

Andrew Urteaga
Managing Director
Helps motivate clients to design and implement new sales and marketing strategies so that they stay on track to make their number.

Melissa Valdez
Director, Client Experience
Works closely with clients to 10x their SBI experience to make your number.

Ellen Wade
Engagement Manager
Provides clients strategic and tactical support in uncovering new revenue opportunities allowing them to make their number.

Brian Waters
Engagement Manager
Provides clients strategic insight and support to uncover new revenue opportunities to help them make their number.

Sara Winkle
Senior Consultant
Combining customer-driven insights and strategic vision to help clients unlock revenue potential.

Chad Wittenborn
Bringing growth leaders into alignment around emerging best practices, enabling them to outpace their competitors and make their number.

EJ Zhang
Operating at the intersection of analytics, process, and best practice to drive growth through actionable recommendations